Potential Detour in Concord NH next Saturday!

Concord, NH is having it’s annual Christmas parade on the morning of the Service University. It’s some distance away, and so it probably won’t affect most people’s travel plans, but just in case, you can find more information on the parade route here:

With just about 2 weeks until the Service University, class space is filling fast!  The current list of topics that you can look forward to include the following:

Applying your Mundane Work Skills to Service in the SCA
Service Options for Those Who Are Disabled
Being an Officer with Medieval Style
The “Social”: The non-activity as an activity
Groups and Websites: HTML, Wikis, CMSes, and more…
Group Websites and Social Media: Why you Need Both
How to Teach Fencing
Growth and Talent Scouting
Random Dishrag Bardic, or how to make hard things fun
Working with Children
How to Make Events Family Friendly
Voice Heraldry
The Basics of Retaining
Meal Plans for Large and Small Groups
Accounting Theory for Exchequers
Roundtable Discussion on Feast Prep
Roundtable Discussion on Peer/Student Relationships
Roundtable Discussion on How to Use your Art as Service
How to recruit SCA non-members in a rapidly changing world
Roundtable discussion on Building Community Within Officer Corps
As well as a meet and greet with the new East Kingdom Seneschal

Interested in teaching something not on the list?  Please contact Isabelle at eku@eastkingdom.org

Teachers Needed for the EKU Service University to be held November 23rd in the Barony of Stonemarche, Concord NH

We are currently seeking teachers for the upcoming Service University being sponsored by the EKU. This event will be dedicated to presenting classes about the things that make our society and kingdom function. Potential topics include classes on essential jobs at all levels of the SCA, from local group officers and event staff, to kingdom offices and beyond. Classes on leadership, mentoring, and teaching in the SCA are also welcome topics. If it is an activity that can be seen as providing a Service to the kingdom or those around you, we are interested in hosting a class, panel, or roundtable discussion about the topic.  Please contact Isabelle at eku@eastkingdom.org if you are interested in teaching or have a class suggestion.