Class Descriptions

Here are the full descriptions for the classes being taught at the upcoming Service University!

Fundraising Made Easy and Useful
Taught by: Thane Aethelhafoc and THLady Siubhan Wallace
Fund raising made easier and less painful. In this class we will explore through interactive conversation and examples how to target your fund raising efforts to match the audience you want, promote the activity, collect money and account for the fund through the spending of it on the targeted purchase or expenditure. Specific examples of low cost, drawing help from a wide audience and keeping things simple on the ground will be discussed. The goal of giving you new insights as to how you can achieve your fund raising ideals while having more fun and less angst.
Class will be presented by Thane Aethelhafoc and THL Siubhan Wallace both with over 30 years experience in the SCA. With particular experience in working with new and evolving groups.

The “Social”: The non-activity as an activity
Taught by: Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid
The Canton of Black Icorndall in the Barony of Bhakail has, for years, been holding a weekly gathering built around socializing.  It has grown from small gatherings in a park to require a gymnasium and even additional rooms, to run year-round.  Initially very small, it has expanded to regularly include heavy fighting and fencing on alternating weeks, resulting in weekly turnouts of 20-50+ people between fighters, fencers and many who do neither activity.  We’ll explore the successes of the Social as a model, as well as the obvious issues or necessities, but overall make a case for regular socialization in addition to holding regular, more focused activities.

Groups and Websites: HTML, Wikis, CMSes, and more…
Taught by: Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid
Every group (local group, guild, etc.) benefits from having a website, but what to build it on?  We’ll take a look at a variety of options, weighing the pros and cons of each while keeping an eye on not only the webminister’s side of things but also the public’s, the group’s and where the Kingdom webminister’s office fits.  Included will be an review of options followed by a Q&A and/or a roundtable discussion, time permitting.

Group Websites and Social Media: Why you Need Both
Taught by: Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid
A roundtable discussing successes and frustrations with SM versus traditional websites while making a case for having both rather than relying solely on SM.  As useful and engaging as SM can be, it fails to meet many fundamental requirements and while static web pages can supplement a group’s SM effort, we’ll investigate why an active, maintained web presence is key to success, even with SM.

 Teaching Rapier: My Point of View 
Taught by: THLord Frasier MacLeod
This class will introduce people to the instructor’s preferred method for teaching brand new fencers, as well as touching upon how to approach fencers who have reached a sort of middle ground, not yet killers, but far beyond where they began. Basic techniques for drilling will be presented, as well as some in the guise of games to bring some fun to the drilling process.

Roundtable Discussion on Growth and Talent Scouting
Lead by: Lord Otto Gottlieb
Have you thought about what your local SCA branch will look like in 5, 10, or 15 years?  Who will step-up to run that event?  Teach that newcomers class?  Fill the Exchequer’s office?  Odds are the demo at the local elementary school, though important, may not help your ailing combat archery populace.  This roundtable discussion will help define your current recruitment process and identify potential strategies.  Turn you organic approach to one with intention and results.  Or maybe you’ve had great success finding stellar feast-o-crates at a local cooking club.  Come and listen for ideas and share your experiences at this roundtable discussion on growth and talent scouting.

Random Dishrag Bardic, or how to make hard things fun
Lead by: Baroness Ysmay de Lynn
There are tasks that must be completed as part of running an event or camping or having meetings, that are often difficult, or disgusting, or just plain not fun. But still, they still need to be done. Join me in a round table discussion of how to make these tasks, and others enjoyable for everyone! 

Working with Children
Taught by: Baroness Leonete D’Angely
If you have children and want to be involved with their activities, or are looking to start or grow a youth program in your local group, this class is for you. An overview of children’s activities in the East Kingdom, including how to get involved, what the background check requirements entail, and tips for successful interactions with children of all ages. This class is taught by the EK Chancellor Minor, who is a licensed elementary teacher.

 How to Make Events Family Friendly
Taught by: Baroness Leonete D’Angely
This class is intended for autocrats, seneschals and others involved in running events. A well-planned children’s area is not the only way to encourage family participation in the SCA. This class will go into detail about ways to make your events appeal to SCAdians of all ages in ways that do not add a lot of additional time or staff to your event planning. This class is taught by the EK Chancellor Minor, who is a licensed elementary teacher.

 Basic to Intermediate Voice Heraldry
Taught by: Baronin Therasia von Tux
This class presents the mechanics, techniques and practices of voice heraldry starting from the basics and progressing into intermediate topics from professional theater practice and acoustic science perspectives, taught in a way to make the physical principles of sound production understandable to anyone without invoking math and physics and other scary stuff.  Practical heraldic announcement and court techniques included. This two hour lecture combines the material of the instructor’s previous classes on voice heraldry taught at the 1987 Berkeley and 2002 St. Louis Known World Heraldic Symposiums.  The instructor’s background includes experience as a stage kid in NYC, professional musician, acoustical engineer, Banner Herald Emeritus (West Kingdom) and being audible in the Barn at Pennsic.

 The Basics of Retaining
Taught by: Baroness Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer
Are you interested in becoming a retainer, but unsure what the position entails?  This class will cover basic skills for retaining for not only Royalty, but also for belonging to local retinues, such as for Barons and Baronesses, as well.  We will discuss the basics of what is involved in retaining, and some of the skills that make for great retainers.  If you’ve always wondered about becoming a retainer but never knew exactly what you needed to do or how to get involved, please come check out this class.  Experienced retainers who are looking for a refresher or to learn more are welcome, as well!  

Meal Plans for Large and Small Groups
Taught by: Thane Aethelhafoc and THLady Siubhan Wallace
Food often makes or breaks an event, and as many camping events do not offer food on site, or it is not to taste (financial or nutritionally) of many people, a camp meal plan becomes a necessity. Through the many years of going to events we have developed a large catalog of information that will allow you to serve mostly period, nutritious, and inexpensive meals to various numbers of folks without poisoning anyone and without spending your whole day in camp. Interactive discussions will involve number of guests, facilities, authenticity, menu planning, safe food handling, ambiance, food allergies, nutrition, weather, unexpected guests and wherever else folks want to go. From beginner to hardened veteran ideas, encouragement and fun will be shared.
Your hosts for this class will be THL Siubhan Wallace and her husband Thane Aethelhafoc also known “don’t call me late for dinner.” We are the recipients of the Tigers of the Foreign Legion for cooking above and beyond our station and currently manage the Great Panteria Meal Plan. We have had the pleasure of presenting many classes before on cooking, fire tending, meal organization and food ornamentation. We look forward to welcoming you at our class and visiting your camp in the future.

Basic Theory for Exchequers (Or why do I write everything twice?)
Taught by: THLady Siubhan Wallace
Exchequer reports and procedures can be confusing if you don’t understand why you need to do something.  In this class I will explain why it is important to record transactions twice and what purpose various reports serve. I will explain how you can get the most information out of your exchequer reports for use by your shire/barony. This class will be a discussion of basic account theory and not exchequer training.
I am THL Siubhan Wallace. While I am the new deputy exchequer in Panther Vale, I have worked as a bookkeeper and later an accountant for over 25 years. I have been in the SCA for over 30 years.

Roundtable Discussion on Feast Prep
Lead by: Lady Lilie of Eastham
There’s more than one right way to cook a feast.  I’m prepared to describe step by step the process I go through in planning and executing an SCA feast, but would love for this to be a discussion of everyone’s experiences both in planning and budgeting, as well as what has and has not worked in the feast kitchen itself.  What does it really take to feed the populous? All experience levels welcome.

Roundtable Discussion on Peer/Student Relationships
Lead by: Baroness Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer
Join me in a discussion of the many types of peer/student relationships we have in our Society and what you think makes for a strong relationship and great learning opportunity.  Everyone is welcome, whether you are currently a member of a peer/mentor relationship or not!

Roundtable Discussion on How to Use your Art as Service
Lead by: Baroness Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer
Do you have a passion for illumination, cooking, or sewing but you aren’t sure what the kingdom might need or how you could use your art for service?  Do you enjoy one of the many other art forms and you want to brainstorm ways that those talents could be turned into service?  Or do you have a great way you’ve found to turn your art into service already that you’d like to share?  Come join our discussion!

You Have 30 Seconds: Recruiting and Retaining Non-Members in the 21st Century
Taught by: Lady Emmelyne du Lozengia
One of the biggest challenges that the SCA faces in the coming decade is membership recruitment, retention, and attrition. This class examines both effective strategies on how to connect with different age groups, and ways that existing materials, demos, and knowledge can be used to get our message across in a way that will ‘stick’ in this digital, high-marketing age. It also will discuss the difficulties in retaining SCA participation in an ever-changing, extremely engrossing world and work to brainstorm some solutions to common problems.

Meet and Greet with the New East Kingdom Seneschal
Hosted by: Mistress Mercedes Vera de Calafia
Please come meet the new East Kingdom Seneschal. This is a chance to introduce yourself, connect names to faces and talk about service opportunities. Everyone welcome. 

Discussion on being a Queen’s guard.
Taught by: Lady Frenya
This will be a very informal discussion about why being a Queen’s guard is an honor not to be taken lightly.  Yes, it is much fun but is also is a lot of work… but did I mention it is a lot of fun?!! Anybody is welcome to attend, former guards as well as people just wondering what guards do all day long! I will hand out the wonderful text “On being a Courtier” written by Lady Alianor Rowan many moons ago to all of those who would like it. 

 Building Officer Community Roundtable
Lead by: Maistresse Marie de Blois
Building community is a concept we’re familiar with for making local groups work, but not one that we always apply to groups of people joined by shared office rather than geography.  My experience as a former kingdom officer suggests that community is a key factor in having a happy, productive, and growing officer corps, especially when spread across a kingdom. I’ll share some of the ideas I used as a principal herald along with tips and tricks I’ve learned elsewhere, and look forward to learning new ones from attendees.

 How to be a Local Herald
Taught by: Maistresse Marie de Blois
This class will cover the basics of being a local herald, including reporting, demystifying the submissions process, where and when to get help, and more. I’ll also touch on some ways to go beyond the basics with time left over to answer your questions.

Conflict Checking using the Complex Search Form
Taught by: Master Tanczos Istvan
Conflict checking armory is the bane of many consulting heralds. Learn a method to conflict check that can give you fast correct answers.

Being a more Effective Book Herald
Taught by: Master Tanczos Istvan
A survey of what resources exist for the consulting herald, online and off, and how to use them, plus tips on consulting.

 Applying your Mundane Work Skills to Service in the SCA
Taught by: Lady Teresa Giani
Find out how to use your Mundane or work skills for service in the SCA.  Those things you do every day for work or at home can be great ways to serve in the SCA.  Do you work on the internet?  The SCA has countless web sites and other online opportunities to be of service. Do you love cooking?  Well Feasts don’t get made without hands to help.  Apply your everyday skills to helping out in the SCA.

 Service Options for Those Who Are Disabled
Taught by: Lady Teresa Giani
Just because you can’t lift heavy items or carry things or walk long distances doesn’t mean you can’t still do service.  There are many ways things that people can do to assist at events or activities for a variety of people’s abilities.  Learn how you can be of service no matter your capabilities.

 Making Events Accessible
Taught by: Lady Teresa Giani
Service to those who need accessibility to events and activities is itself a service.  To assist people to be able to enjoy and participate in the society is of great service.  There are many ways to help.


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