About the EK Service University

We are currently seeking teachers for the upcoming Service University being sponsored by the EKU. This event will be dedicated to presenting classes about the things that make our society and kingdom function. Potential topics include classes on essential jobs at all levels of the SCA, from local group officers and event staff, to kingdom offices and beyond. Classes on leadership, mentoring, and teaching in the SCA are also welcome topics. If it is an activity that can be seen as providing a Service to the kingdom or those around you, we are interested in hosting a class, panel, or roundtable discussion about the topic. Please contact Isabelle at eku@eastkingdom.org if you are interested in teaching or have a class suggestion.

The Barony of Stonemarche is pleased to host a special Session of the East Kingdom University dedicated to the art of service.  This includes officers at all levels, of course, but there are many other types of service, and we hope to offer classes supporting those as well.

The site opens for registration at 9:00 AM.  Classes will start at 10:00 AM.  The last class will end at 5PM.  A detailed schedule of classes will be made available as we get closer to the event date.  Concord is a mid-sized city with many fine restaurant options for dinner before you start your journey home.

A dayboard will be offered by Lady Tomyris.  We plan to offer vegetarian and gluten-free options, but do not have access to a dedicated gluten-free kitchen, so we cannot guarantee that the gluten-free options are free of minor cross-contamination.  If you have special dietary needs of any type, please contact Lady Tomyris directly so that you can discuss options.  Please contact Lady Tomyris prior to November 1.  After that we will have begun shopping and pre-event preparations and accommodations other that those already planned will probably not be possible.

Our site is the Kimball Jenkins School of Art (http://kimballjenkins.com/ ) , a historic estate in Concord, NH.  As a historic building, much of it is not handicapped accessible.  The Carriage House, where the lunchboard , changing areas, and one of the classrooms are located, is accessible.  The Mansion itself is unfortunately not accessible.  If you have mobility issues which make stairs a problem, please contact the autocrat for more detailed information on the site.  If you let us know prior to Nov.  1 that you have mobility limitations and want to attend a particular class or classes we will make an effort to offer that particular class in the accessible classroom.

Our desire is to keep the focus of the event on the University classes.  On that account there are no other activities planned for the event.  There will be no martial activities of any sort.  Space at the site is limited, so there is no space available for merchants.  There are also no children’s activities planned.  Youth with an interest in the classes are most welcome.

Site Opens: 9:00 AM
Site Closes: 6:00 PM


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